Project Deliverables

D.02.01 cover

D.02.01: Available satellite InSAR data for the European WHL sites

Version: 1.0; Issue date: 27/04/2017

This Open Access report presents the results of PROTHEGO’s WP2 Task 1, developed and implemented by NERC as WP leader, to provide a general overview of the coverage of existing satellite InSAR datasets for the UNESCO sites of Europe, and to identify data coverage gaps.

D.07.01 cover

D.07.01: Dissemination and communication strategy

Version: 1.0; Issue date: 13/01/2016

This Open Access report outlines the strategy that, in collaboration with ISPRA, CUT, UNIMIB and IGME, NERC designed to disseminate PROTHEGO's objectives, methodologies and achievements and to engage stakeholders and heritage practitioners to maximise the impact of the project.

D.01.01 cover

D.01.01: UNESCO Cultural Heritage Vs Natural hazards at European scale

Version: 1.0; Issue date: 15/12/2016

This Open Access report presents the results of PROTHEGO’s WP1, implemented ad developed mainly by ISPRA as WP leader, and focussed on the analysis of the state-of-the-art on geo-hazards in the UNESCO WHL sites of Europe.

See also Appendix A : WHL European Sites 2015, PROTHEGO project preliminary hazard overview (November, 2016).


JPI-CH brochure

JPI-CH brochure

Version: March 2017

Project brochure designed by the JPI-CH Coordinator, and including PROTHEGO's objectives and goals, and program of activities.

PROTHEGO project leaflet

PROTHEGO project leaflet

Version: 1.0; Issue date: 31/03/2016

General project leaflet designed by NERC for the five Project Partners to distribute to the Associate Partners and other stakeholders during project meetings and user consultation workshops, external dissemination events and conferences.

UNESCO reports

Research Framework of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (DVMWHS)

DVMWHS Research Framework

Knight D. (ed.) 'Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Research Framework', Aug 2016, 120 pp. ISBN 978-0-9541940-7-9

Research Framework of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (DVMWHS), edited by Dr David Knight (Trent & Peak Archaeology, York Archaeological Trust – Associate Partner of PROTHEGO), and published by the Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, Matlock, UK.

The report mentions PROTHEGO as one of the initiatives providing a global perspective on assessment of the impact of natural hazards upon UNESCO WHL cultural heritage assets.